I will be closing my practice: Greenville-Pediatrics PA on January 26, 2016. Tuesday 01/26/2016 will be the last day we see patients.

Please contact us in order to forward your health records to another pediatrician of your choosing. 

We hope we have provided pediatric care that is current, conservative, and meets or exceeds the American Academy of Pediatrics standard of care. We encourage active participation during our office visits, welcoming questions and discussion. It is our goal to engage our parents and patients in the care and decisions concerning their health needs and developmental growth.

It is our belief that our future is in our children. I appreciate that you entrusted me with the care of my patients. I have enjoyed sharing in their growth and development.

It is only through a partnership of mutual trust, respect and honesty that we can raise our children to become active, productive individuals contributing positively to their future and ours.
Thank you for choosing for me to be your pediatrician, thank you. I have provided personal undivided attention, to you and my patients, during our visits. If pediatric subspecialty care was needed I have not hesitated to make an appropriate referral. It has been our goal that we know your child. We have always provided the best pediatric care possible.

My goal has been for a long growing relationship over the eighteen years of pediatric care that we provided from birth.

Brian Washburn is a board certified pediatrician who brings a comprehensive yet individualistic approach to Greenville Pediatrics, PA. To find out more about Brian Washburn visit the link provided below.

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I will be closing Greenville-Pediatrics PA on January 26, 2016 

Tuesday 01/26/2016 will be the last day we see patients.

We hoped to bring timely medical information to you.  Hopefully complementing our office visits.

Influenza season is upon us. Though quiet now, this is the time to be vaccinated.

We recomend the quadrivalent 2015-2016 influenza vaccine 

Call us for advise on having your important medical records forwrded to a pediatrician of your choice.